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Bruno Fernandes Disgraceful Timewasting

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  • Opublikowany 21 sie 2022
  • Bruno Fernandes wouldn't give up the ball after Mo Salah's goal

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  • m
    m  +268

    Felt like bruno trying to get Mo to headbutt him and get a red card...

  • MERO 788
    MERO 788  +88

    Give him the Oscar he deserve it

  • Seif Ahmed
    Seif Ahmed  +135

    If some of you hate Liverpool thats fine, but you can’t attack salah for complaining because salah doesn’t fight or do anything like that

  • Nata
    Nata  +37

    Bruno also almost make own goal. Thanks to the new defender who block it.

  • Adam Coleman

    If only that was Darwin Nuñez instead of Salah

  • Yu Wati Loxe

    It's memorized my childhood

  • T-dog 1999

    To be fair other then just being a prick fernandes wasn’t doing anything wrong, wouldn’t even call it time wasting. There was still 30 minutes left to the game, and it’s his kick off he’s taking the ball back to. I personally loved this.

  • flaxtyy
    flaxtyy  +61

    Salah : Bro you can not take opponent's penalty.

  • aleup
    aleup  +80

    this was funny af idc what people say, bruno did his thing and played well, all teams time waste when it matters

  • Gfbshdh Hshebsb

    even de gea was embarrassed

  • Andre Pires

    He learn that on the Portuguese league where these kind of beaviours are normal and referees do not care.. For a goalkeeper hit a ball takes 2 min and for everything the players are on the floor.

  • Mukhar Ghosh
    Mukhar Ghosh 21 dzień temu

    Absolutely loved it!

  • endege
    endege  +21

    Bruno : "This is my ball ⚽"

  • Balderino Kripperino

    Bruno's based time wasting*. It's our ball, we're kicking off, if Salah left him Bruno would probably hurry up quicker but realised it was pissing Salah off so just did it more. Fantastic stuff from our Bruno!

  • enrique one
    enrique one 14 dni temu +1

    His a star for me but I feel the same too, very shameful

  • Sports Rockstar

    Klopp : We would have scored 2 if bruno didn't waste those 10 seconds

  • Darren Walters

    It’s Man Us ball after the goal and Bruno’s gonna kick of again? What’s the issue with Bruno holding the ball and walking to the centre circle?

  • Red Devil

    Bruno was trying out rugby for a moment there

  • Ashley Barrett

    Oh, just like TAA did with Rashford during covid then

  • Vanuja Kumarasiri

    Even the ref was tired of the bs