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Luis Diaz Is So Good For Liverpool 🔥

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  • Opublikowany 19 lut 2022
  • What a baller!
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Komentarze • 87

  • Ardit Gola Films

    New Luis Diaz video (nuevo video de luis diaz aqui) :

  • Joao Conchilha

    A Colombia pode ter orgulho em ter senão o melhor, um dos melhores jogadores de futebol da actualidade, parabéns Colombia.

  • Dinesh Chowdary

    I have never seen anyone ease into a great team at this pace ...man u want liverpool recruitment team to give seminars in all the MNCs around the world ...out of this world recruitment. ... jota,konate,Diaz (fit perfectly into klopps machine which was extremely difficult to do)....speechless

  • Richard Jackson

    Love his work rate, control and passing is probably the best of the front 3

  • german Gonzalez

    Que talento es un CRACK!!!!!!orgullosamente colombiano🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  • box FIGHT
    box FIGHT  +22

    Luis Diaz Can Break Any records If He playing for BIG Club Like Liverpool, MC, Chelsea, Madrid, Munchen and others.

  • Bruh
    Bruh  +25

    In the next 2/3 years he will have 20+ goals a season. You heard it here first.

  • NatW
    NatW  +4

    Luis is a SKILLFUL PLAYER 👍⚽️👌so happy to have him 👏in this team

  • Alejandro Guzman

    Que lástima que con ese jugador y colombia quede fuera del mundial.

  • omar millan

    Lucho Diaz sinonimo de Humildad y calidad...sencillamente un CRACK

  • Illmuneco Angarita

    Este man va arrasar

  • La vida continua

    Que buen video hermano, para nosotros los amigos del Exquisito fútbol!! Lucho pa' Rato con la bendición del Padre!

  • Antoine Wyss

    Diaz is amazing.

  • guitarsprofsports inc.

    Luis Díaz es peruano y también chileno,boliviano , uruguayo, paraguayo...

  • Pururin HD

    Once he can solve his finishing problem.. He will be a beast


    Crack Luis Díaz.

  • Laith Slewa

    Wait till summer when kloop has time to polish him more

  • manuel campo

    Y no han visto todavía lo q luchito es capaz de dar apenas es el principio

  • harshdeep 19

    he is going to unstoppable just needs to more clinical

  • Dian Budi

    Klopp never fail!!!!