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How Joachim Andersen rattled Darwin Nunez to a RED CARD

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  • Opublikowany 15 sie 2022
  • Unseen footage shows how Joachim Andersen rattled Darwin Nunez all game before red card for headbutt..
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    Joachim Andersen vs Darwin Nunez

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  • John Johnson

    As a Liverpool supporter I have to afmit that Andersen played a really good game. What he did to Darwin throughout that match is nothing out of the ordinary. It's a part of the game and Darwin has to learn how to deal with it and I'm sure he will. Andersen did what Andy Robertson usually does really well 馃槄

  • Danny Hourican

    I'm impressed with that plank fall. Spectacular.

  • Ezra Maina
    Ezra Maina  +257

    Never show your weaknesses because your enemy will use it against you 馃ぃ. From now onwards. This is what Nunez will experience for the rest of the season

  • Shooter
    Shooter  +456

    The defenders will have fun with him!

  • Football Edits

    Anderson's face after getting hit just made me laugh. 馃槅馃槅

  • AntonLB
    AntonLB  +786

    all prem cbs play like this but they will only continue doing it if it actually annoys the striker, which it obviously did.It's a game and nunez got played

  • Paul Jones

    As a Liverpool fan I can see that teams have lfc sussed now. You seen it last season and Real Madrid showed everyone how to fine tune it. Fill the box during a liverpool attack, leave a target man up front and hit us on the brake with a pass that splits the defence. If teams are constantly backing off and overloading defensively then liverpool need to do a Barcelona of 10-15 years ago, keep the ball with easy passes drawing the opponents out their own halve then attack at the right time. Against fulham and palace there was too many long balls and hopeful balls into the box which were getting smothered. We miss the overlapping runs down the left from Robertson. Diaz seems to wanna keep the ball too much discouraging Robertson from doing the runs.

  • AntonLB
    AntonLB  +247

    andersen had him in his pocket. Nunez will learn a lot from this just from this one incident for sure though

  • Fernando Torres

    I understand Prem is more physical but there's a difference between physical strength from players and what the cb did on count 6 nu帽ez didn't even had the ball and the cb still makes contact by reaching to try to pull him. If someone tries to pull you for no reason first reaction is to slap their hand off. (Not a liverpool fan) just call it how I see it

  • Richard Loach

    Getting pushed and kicked and provoked here with no response from the refs is the reason footballers resort to diving. Yes Andersen did his job right but people who comment on here praising the Palace defenders behaviour should not moan when strikers dive or fall routinely to get attention from the officials

  • Abhi
    Abhi  +140

    I mean screw that , look at provoke number 5 ,

  • Matt
    Matt  +1

    When I played club I鈥檇 always get picked on and provoked like this so I feel for my guy. I鈥檝e definitely gotten my fair share of cards in retaliation as well

  • Anonymous(286)

    Andersen marked him really well that game

  • Audioremedy0785

    That鈥檚 the issue though鈥 he鈥檚 going to get frustrated as he will be up against players every week that are just going to get the better of him and frustrate him. Had he connected earlier with a few of the others he could easily been sent off.

  • James Kift

    That fall was hilarious yawning whilst he was dropping too the floor 馃槀

  • Vukman
    Vukman  +10

    Looks like Nunez is stillyoung for those CB games and stuff like that. Beint solid defender isnt only giving best tackles, mindgames with thr striker, visual confrontation with the enemy attackers, etc. Doing best mindly and physically

  • Wolf
    Wolf  +8

    Man. He should have kept his calm. Now every defender he plays against will take advantage of this.

  • Tiago
    Tiago  +5

    23, these are growing pains of a young emotional man. He will learn with lots of investment and professionals around him.

  • mal 62
    mal 62  +6

    The man has character he will be a success

  • Conor Sedgwick

    He鈥檚 the perfect blend of Andy carrol and Balotelli