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Arthur Melo Liverpool Debut

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  • Opublikowany 6 wrz 2022
  • Arthur Melo vs Napoli

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  • Trung Nguyen
    Trung Nguyen 28 dni temu +803

    I’m a Barca fan so lemme tell you. Arthur is so good. The way he getting out of pressure and his passing & shooting abilities are superb. But this dude needs more time to show off himself at Liverpool.

  • elmer alegre espinoza
    elmer alegre espinoza Dzień temu +3

    Irreconocible Arthur, ojalá vuelva a su nivel por que me encanta como juega

  • YNWA
    YNWA 28 dni temu +260

    He just needs more matches with the team then we will have a great midfielder 🙂

  • DiReal 2dcore
    DiReal 2dcore 21 dzień temu +152

    He lacked confidence, needs more matches to become stable. I think he'll be a good addition to the team.

  • Rayane Gustavo
    Rayane Gustavo 14 dni temu +79

    Cara o Arthur era uma baita jogador, depois que se machucou nunca mas foi o mesmo jogador.

  • Eltk
    Eltk 21 dzień temu +107

    Love his situational awarness. You can see it better when he is put under the pressure close to the box. He knows where the attacker is.

  • Willian Silveira
    Willian Silveira 14 dni temu +23

    Arthur has the natural talent of Brazil, he just needs a better physical shape and a winning mentality, these are the great opponents of Brazilians in Europe

  • K Bs3
    K Bs3 21 dzień temu +83

    To come into a game 4-1 down and its your debut will be difficult and already under pressure considering there weren't much time when he and thiago came on. So, taking that into account, I think Arthur did really well 👏👏👏

  • zishan zacharia
    zishan zacharia 14 dni temu +25

    I'm one of those people who was really sad when our shit board swapped him with pjanic, Arthur is a gem; if he's given enough minutes and klopp partner him up with thiago you're gonna have the midfield sause you lacked in for a long period of time.

  • Vell Stillings
    Vell Stillings 21 dzień temu +32

    Can't wait to see more from him. I'm expecting a few goals this season.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 28 dni temu +83

    He looks calm enough when getting pressure. Im pretty sure he will do great in Liverpool. This debut is a wrong time for him, Liverpool playing so bad that night. Can't wait to see he partner up with Fabinho and Thiago.

  • CorteRapidoéTramontina
    CorteRapidoéTramontina Dzień temu +4

    Arthur Melo 🇧🇷, Fabinho 🇧🇷, Thiago Alcantara 🇧🇷 + 🇪🇸

  • Paulo Sergio
    Paulo Sergio Dzień temu +6

    I had a lot of expectations about him, but he turned out to be a excellent back passing player

  • Anderson Vítor
    Anderson Vítor Dzień temu +2

    ele ta jogando com muita pressao ..

  • King Z Musik
    King Z Musik 14 dni temu +30

    As a barcelona fan sad 😔 seeing Arthur at this level. He needs game time to build his confidence cause the simple things he were good at I ain't seeing it no more.

  • Carlos Canales
    Carlos Canales 14 dni temu +1

    He's a little rough on the ball right now. I loved him at Barcelona. Hopeful for him here at Liverpool.

  • Ammar Refaat
    Ammar Refaat 21 dzień temu +34

    He’s decent, give him time.

  • jardeus
    jardeus 14 dni temu +41

    Jogador comum, mas não é ruim.

  • Z IceCube
    Z IceCube 14 dni temu +2

    As a Barca fan , Barca made a mistake letting this gem go

    HUMBLE KIND 28 dni temu +22

    Not bad he proved something, let's hope he fits in early