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Liverpool vs Barcelona | THE MIRACLE OF ANFIELD 5/7/2019 - The Movie

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  • Opublikowany 7 maj 2019
  • How a Champions League miracle unfolded...
    Liverpool pulled off a Champions League miracle coming from three down to win 4-0 at Anfield and knock Barcelona on their way to a second final in two years.
    Trailing by three goals from the first leg no-one gave the Reds much hope but two goals apiece from Divock Origi and game-changing half-time substitute Georginio Wijnaldum saw them progress 4-3 on aggregate.
    In a truly remarkable - and intense - game not only did Liverpool erase that disadvantage inside 56 minutes, they went on to score a winner and, remarkably, kept Lionel Messi quiet.
    Music from: 'Mark Petrie - Embolden (PostHaste Music [Vol. 10] - Epic Action Drama)' - bit.ly/2VonXXf
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Komentarze • 415

  • asyraf ifraheim
    asyraf ifraheim 3 lat temu +720

    klopp:if we win its about boys but if we lose its about me. no mr klopp we win we lose together we are liverpool

  • Jarrett Thomas
    Jarrett Thomas 3 lat temu +474

    Takes none of the credit, ready to accept all the blame. Klopp you the man, please stay at Liverpool forever

  • Purushottam Bhakat
    Purushottam Bhakat 3 lat temu +137

    I'm a Man Utd fan but I can't disagree that Liverpool also has incredible fans. True fans who respect football and are passionate to their core! Seeing the passion of the supporters at Anfield that day was absolutely thrilling.

  • nikke
    nikke 3 lat temu +271

    I'm Barcelona fan, but this is something so incredible that it makes me smile. Congratulations Liverpool you desere it. ❤

  • Nath Ryann
    Nath Ryann 3 lat temu +289

    l still get goosebumps watching this.. Liverpool fans YNWA

  • rob robertson
    rob robertson 3 lat temu +16

    Kloop is priceless! Irreplaceable! Our manager.

  • Phonuse 077
    Phonuse 077 3 lat temu +94

    Im proud to say that I’m a Liverpool fan

  • Khalid Edrees
    Khalid Edrees 3 lat temu +154

    And they accuse me of loving Liverpool too much.

  • Razors1910
    Razors1910 3 lat temu +189

    Suarez face is a cherry on the top of the cake. He and Coutinho received what they deserve for. Shame behaviours from whole Barcelona team. Can't forget what Messi made to Fabinho in first leg. Great match, great emotions, incredible fans. History is writing right now on our eyes ladies and gentlemen. Now i know why Liverpool crest have Phoenix on it. It's incredible what they did. And most important.. not the first and not the last time. I love this club. True family. You'll never walk alone. Remember

  • Anthony Mcnulty
    Anthony Mcnulty 3 lat temu +40

    Im 53 years old,ive probably watched 47 years of some great football...THIS WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!..PERIOD.

  • serag2009
    serag2009 3 lat temu +66

    No one speaks about what Alisson did this game.. If Barca scored one goal the game would end.. And he saved the game 3 times

  • Евгений Новиков

    Best corner ever by Alexander-Arnold! We going to Madrid! Liverpool fan from Ukraine!

  • Andy Kurmann
    Andy Kurmann 3 lat temu +38

    no salah, no firmino, no problem for Liverpool🤣🤣🤣

  • Busan Vlogger
    Busan Vlogger 3 lat temu +407

    This is beautiful, THIS IS FUKING BEAUTIFUL!!

  • D Man
    D Man 3 lat temu +9

    I am a Barcelona hardcore fan but damn...LIVERPOOL DESERVE ALL THE RESPECT.True Champions.

  • José T. M.
    José T. M. 3 lat temu +2

    Soy RED desde los 13... (Y eso que por acá no había televisión por cable). Siempre me agradó Liverpool. Fowler, Owen, Gerrard... 2005. Siempre, hincha FIEL. I LOVE LFC!!!!!!! porque es un equipo que nunca caminará solo! Como la compañía que nunca deja solo... JC!!!!! Saludos desde PERÚ.

  • Kaan Aras
    Kaan Aras 3 lat temu +18

    If we win: We win together.

  • RyanS_2307
    RyanS_2307 3 lat temu +79

    Who else keeps watching the highlights over and over

  • Aren Jamir
    Aren Jamir 3 lat temu +10

    Ahh Mr. Klopp.. you made me cry.. no matter what, we are with you! YNWA🔥

  • Hozefa Tinwala
    Hozefa Tinwala 3 lat temu +3

    No Salah. No Firminho. No problem for Liverpool. This gives me goosebumps everytime I watch